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Downloadable Plans - Ordering Process:

Browsing through the plans:
Through our affiliation with FurniturePlans.com, we are able to offer you a variety of plans in several different categories. When you click on the name of the plan you are interested in, you will be taken to their web site where you'll get a color picture of the completed furniture, a description of the plan, a link to learn more about the plan and a button, "Add to Cart," that will add the plan to your shopping cart. You will be able to modify the quantity or remove your item(s), choose to continue shopping or proceed to the secure server to check out. If you choose continue shopping, you will be returned to the product page or category you were at previously. If you choose to checkout, you will connect to our secure server to make payment.

Secure checkout process:
We hope you find the check out process as easy as they intended it to be. If you have questions about it contact them here.

When you choose the "Proceed to secure checkout" button on the shopping cart page," you will be taken to a safe, 128-bit encrypted secure server where they will collect your billing details. You will be presented with 3 options.

  1. Log in with your existing account.
  2. Create a new account.
  3. Do not create an account and simply make a one-time purchase.

If you have made a purchase in the past and chose the option to create an account, you can save time by simply providing the email account and password you gave at the time of that previous purchase. You will be taken to a confirmation page to review the information. Please make sure it is accurate and current. If your information looks good, simply click "confirm" to charge your account and finish your order. You will be given a receipt, which we will also email to you, as well as a link to go to the plans download page. There will be further instructions on the download page.

If you have not made a previous purchase, simply click the "continue" button under "First time buying." This will take you to our billing information screen. You will need to provide the following required fields:

  • Card type (Visa & Mastercardaccepted)
  • The name as shown on your card
  • The account number as shown on your card
  • The expiration date as shown on your card
  • Your first and last name as shown on your account's billing statement
  • The billing address, city, state, zip and country as shown on your account's billing statement
  • Your day time phone
  • Your email address

    Note: this address must be a valid email address (your online account will rely on it's accuracy in the future)

If you choose to create an online account and have your information stored on our secure server, you will also need to supply the following additional information

  • Check the box indicating you wish to setup your online account
  • Check the box indicating you want your online account to store your credit card information. You can choose not to do this; we will ask for this information each time you log in in the future
  • Specify the password you wish to use with your online account

    Note: for your safety, your online password should be a variety of characters combining both numbers, letters and special characters
Once you supply all of the required information, click the submit button to be taken to the preview screen. We will display the information you entered for your approval, please review the information to make sure you did not make a mistake. If you see a mistake, you will be able to correct it by clicking the "edit information" link. If your information is correct, click he "confirm" button to process your order. At this time, FurniturePlans.com will charge your account the appropriate fee as shown on screen. Once your card is charged, there will be no opportunity to return your purchase, therefore, you should be certain you want to complete the transaction before hitting the confirm button.

Once the credit card processing is complete, you will see your receipt displayed on screen. You can print the receipt or wait for your copy being sent via email. Remember, if you gave an incorrect email address when you make your order, then they cannot send you your receipt. On this screen, you will be given a link to proceed to the download page. There will be further instructions for downloading the plans on that page.

If you decide you do not wish to create an account and you simply want to make a one-time purchase, we will need to collect all of the specified information above. However, you will not need to give any information for your online account. The option to do so will be made available, but you can simply ignore this portion of the form.

FurniturePlans.com will charge your account the appropriate amount (shown on screen), and then display your receipt upon an approved transaction. You can choose to print your receipt or wait for the email copy. You will also be given the link to proceed to the download page. There will be some additional instructions on that page for your benefit.

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